How to manage your Valley View Wireless Account



Welcome to Valley View Wireless. This is a quick introduction to the features available on the system and some tips on how to utilize it to your advantage.

I also manage the Valley View Estates website and I have allowed everyone free access to this site via the Wireless network without having an account on/or having to login to Valley View Wireless.

I am suggesting that ALL wireless users make their home page in Internet Explorer, Firefox or whatever browser they utilize.
Since this is available anytime regardless of your Wireless login status, I have created some Quick Links on the Valley View Website home page that will allow you to view and manage your Wireless account.
These quick links below are immediately above the Weather Window (Which is the current Weather in the subdivision) and will be in the light green highlighted area:

  1. To log or log out of your Valley View Wireless accountclick here
  2. To check your Valley View Wireless account status( after log in) click here
  3. For Valley View Support Questions click here

Item 1
Will take you to the Hotspot Page where you can log in to Valley View Wireless using your User ID and Password.
NOTE: If you are already logged in clicking on this link will immediately log you out and take you to the Hotspot Page where you will have to log in again.

Item 2

Willtake you to the Hotspot Page where you can verify your account status (if you are logged in).

Item 3

Is a link that will display this page for help and assistance managing your account.


NOTE: These instructions are subject to change and any changes will be posted on the Valley View Website as revised instructions under Item 3 referenced above.

Mini Repeaters

If you leased one of these small white repeaters it is extremely important that it be powered up at all times and that it remain in the EXACT location it was placed initially.Failure to follow the above guidelines will likely result in loss of your Valley View Wireless network connection.
If you lose the network, check the Mini Repeater first to insure that it is plugged in and one or more of the LEDís are on.

Before reporting an issue, unplug the power from your Mini Repeater and immediately plug it back in to reset it, then wait at least 15 minutes for it to re-connect to the network.


Network Nodes and how to locate them:

Every Valley View Wireless network node is identifiedas Valley_View_XY_Z


Valley_Viewname prefix is on All Nodes.
X is the type of node which can be R for repeater, G for gateway or MR for Mini Repeater. The clubhouse nodes also have CH id.

Y is a sequential number identifier for each node type.

Z is the Valley View street address where the node is located and will be appended by the first letter of the street name.


Example: Valley_View_R3_2010Lisa Repeater node number 3 located at 2010 Loker.

The above is known as the node SSID and is what you will see in your computerís WI FI manager.


As a side note there is also a link to the Valley View Estates Community Users Forum on the right side of the Valley View Estates home page. This forum is available to all Lot Owners and Members of the Homeowners Association. And you do not even have to log in to Valley View Wireless to access it or anything else on The Valley View Estates Website.


Please call me at 581-8807 if you have any problems with any of the above.